Manage Stress - Increase Productivity -- Lower Costs
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monisha vasa


Dr. Monisha Vasa

Monisha is a general and addiction psychiatrist, as well as mindfulness practitioner and facilitator, writer, and blogger. Monisha, after years of pursuing medical education and training, realized the very real impact of burnout in high intensity fields such as medicine. Much of her professional life is now focused on supporting wellness in the workplace, whether working with physicians, or in similar, inherently stressful environments.


Monisha has facilitated mindfulness and meditation classes through individual coaching, private retreats, and in medical, educational, and work settings.  Monisha believes in the necessity of being connected to the bigger picture meaning of what we do and who we are, and bringing that sense of purpose to all facets of life. When she isn’t working or parenting, you can find Monisha sneaking away for her morning cup of coffee, reading, meditating, or filling pages in her beloved journals.