Manage Stress - Increase Productivity -- Lower Costs
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niosha shakoori


Niosha Shakoori

Niosha is an employment attorney, HR consultant, executive coach, and mother of two.  She can be found on most days running between consulting gigs in her suit, and picking up her kids in her yoga clothes.  In her years as a legal executive in the corporate world, she saw a true need within corporations to broaden their definitions of workplace wellness, create new cultures that support optimum employee health, as well as increase engagement and productivity.  In the coaching and mothering parts of her life, Niosha connected to her desire to find meaning and stillness as we all learn how to integrate the work we do with the lives we lead.  

A regular practitioner of meditation, she also encourages her two young sons to meditate and cultivate a gratitude practice on a daily basis.